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Ylva Høidal (Show at AGR 30.10.20 - 1.11.20)

Ylva and her horses did well on the last competition. Demi was clear the first and last day, and one pole down the second day. Ylva also did great on her BB Lord Dolcetto, only one pole down the first day, clear the rest of the weekend. She also competed the youngsters Cortina and Quilantha, they did great together, they where nice and calm to be their first indoor show. #stallhøymyr #CWD #husertrading #Cavalor #fitline #4yo

This is Ylva and Cortina, 1m Sunday.

This is Ylva and Quilantha, 1m Sunday.

This is Ylva andBB Lord Dolcetto, 135 cm Saturday.

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