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Our team of compeeting riders consist of two sisters Mira Høidal and Ylva Høidal. We also have a team of workers and riders at the farm that is doing an outstanding job. That inkludes their family, a few apperentices and other stable workers.



Ylva Elida Høidal

Born: 2005, She is compeeting as a junior rider. Ylva has many years of experience in the saddle and like her sister, she is educating the youngsters. She is now atending high school in Norway.


Born: 2002, she is now compeeting as a young rider. Mira has many years of experience in the saddle and is also educationg horses. she now a student at a sports acadmy in Norway.

Mira Oliva Høidal


Ylva Elida Høidal

Ylva and Lord in 140 cm, summer 2020

Mira Oliva Høidal

Mira in 145 Grand Prix with Høidals Epos  in oktober 2020

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